HR doesn’t have to break the bank 

We understand that many organisations don’t have the budget for an in-house HR department or even retained HR services. This should never result in issues going unresolved, which is why we offer ad hoc HR services that can be picked up as and when required. 
By remaining flexible, affordable and proactive, we enable even the newest and smallest businesses to integrate exceptional Human Resource management into their day-to-day operations. When a question, issue or requirement pops up, simply get in touch and we’ll manage it on your behalf for a transparent and affordable fee. 

We offer total reassurance 

Many business owners find HR a bit scary and worry that saying the wrong thing may exacerbate an issue or even land them in court. This is a perfectly rational response and shows that you take HR seriously, which is why our ad hoc HR services are perfect for you. We’re here to deliver a smooth, pragmatic and compliant approach to any HR responsibilities that are outside of your skill set. The result is a business that treats its employees fairly and remains protected against small issues that could otherwise get out of hand, ensuring complete peace of mind at all times. 

What we provide 

Due to the nature of HR, a business may require multiple services in one go and then none for a few weeks or even months. If this applies to you, our ad hoc HR service is the answer. As experts in Human Resource management, employment law and dispute resolution, we’re your go-to authority that provides tailored support whenever required. Our outsourced HR services are wide-ranging and designed around the needs of your business, but some of our most common duties include: 
Advice and guidance on one-off, sporadic and/or regular HR issues 
Developing contracts, handbooks, policies and procedures 
Organising and attending HR meetings 
Resolving problems, disputes and grievances 
Carrying out investigations, hearings and disciplinary procedures 
Consultancy in regard to redundancy, restructures, TUPE and performance management 
Providing legal advice in relation to any form of HR topic or issue 
Support with job specs and interviews 
Ensuring companywide diversity and inclusion 
Identifying areas of improvement, such as opportunities to enhance communication, workflow, productivity and workplace morale 

The benefits of outsourced HR 

We’ve designed and perfected our ad hoc HR services so that they greatly benefit clients across multiple sectors. We work with businesses in Hull and Beverley as well as across the UK and overseas, so no matter where you’re based you’ll benefit from the following: 
Free up time: HR is very time-consuming and can get in the way of your core tasks. By outsourcing, you’ll recover countless hours that can be invested more effectively into day-to-day operations and ongoing business growth. 
Gain access to an HR expert: Understanding the sprawling HR landscape and keeping a finger on the pulse of developments is often too much for a business owner to manage. That’s why we’re here to provide relevant guidance and hands-on support whenever you need it. 
Improve employee relations: HR is all about an organisation’s people. We’ll help you to maximise employee welfare and make your business an amazing place to work. 
Hassle-free HR: We really do take a weight off your shoulders. No matter what you need in terms of Human Resource management, we’ll supply it in a smooth and efficient way. 
Remain compliant: Our mission is to protect you, your business and your staff. We ensure this by being impartial, responsible and fair in everything we do, which also allows your business to operate in line with all current regulations. 

Ask us about ad hoc HR 

Are you looking for an HR expert that can respond to your needs whenever required? Find out how we can support your business by getting in touch on 01482 976235 or fill in our contact form. 
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