HR coaching for senior leaders 

As well as supplying retained and ad hoc HR services to businesses of all shapes and sizes, ADD HR Solutions can also train you in the latest Human Resource management practices. This brings a very strong return on investment, as it gives you everything you need to tackle any HR tasks that you’d prefer to manage internally. 

We’re trusted, professional and proactive 

When you take on an HR mentor, you need to know that they’re capable of fulfilling all of your requirements to the highest standard. As a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, our Managing Director, Alison Davies, has helped business owners to come to grips with what’s required of their organisations and confidently move forward in developing a comprehensive HR strategy. 

Get your business on track 

Even if your SME has a clearly defined mission and vision complemented by concrete values and goals, it can all come tumbling down if professional and proactive HR isn’t in place. Our role is to coach you in all areas of Human Resource management, which sets you up for responding to queries, issues and grievances in an appropriate and effective manner. By investing time into learning what’s involved in modern HR and how to integrate it into your company structure, you’re enabling your business to remain productive and compliant at all times. 

What can HR coaching cover?  

Your coaching sessions will be tailored to your exact expectations and objectives. Common examples include in-depth knowledge of the following tasks: 
Creating and developing policies and systems 
Understanding how to adapt in line with new regulations 
Protecting the welfare of your SME and your staff 
Ensuring business continuity no matter what 
Running a responsible and compliant organisation that puts people first 
Developing managers, people management skills 
If there are any particular areas of HR that you’d like us to focus on more than others, simply let us know and we’ll incorporate them into your personalised coaching programme. 

HR coaching for teams 

It isn’t just business owners and senior leaders that we work with, as we can also deliver outstanding HR coaching to Human Resource practitioners, individual teams and entire departments. Over the years we’ve trained hundreds of people in multiple aspects of HR and how to embed it into their wider company culture. When you make Human Resource management a priority and give your staff access to expert guidance, you’ll find that every element of your business runs more smoothly. 

We can coach in-person or remotely 

If you’d like ADD HR Solutions to visit your premises to deliver HR coaching workshops, we’ll make sure to fit the sessions around your schedule. We’re also more than happy to provide expert HR coaching remotely via video conferencing software such as Microsoft Teams, which many of our clients find more convenient and easier to involve larger numbers of employees. We pride ourselves on delivering a fully customised service, so simply let us know what works best for you and we’ll create an HR coaching programme that ticks all the boxes. 

Book your HR coaching today 

Whether you just want to learn the basics or require extensive Human Resource management coaching, it’s time to get in touch with ADD HR Solutions. To get started, give us a call on 01482 976235 or fill in our contact form. 
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