Proactive and on-call HR services 

Many of our clients choose our retained HR service due to it fulfilling any requirements that are either planned in advance or arise unexpectedly. This package operates as an agreed fee that covers a set number of hours per month, ensuring that we’re always available when you need hands-on support with Human Resource management. The nature of what we provide will be tailored to the requirements and goals of your organisation, which means that you only pay for what you need and receive a strong return on investment every month. 

Solving specific problems 

When one of your employees has a grievance or issue, having an experienced team of HR professionals at hand is crucial. If your business can’t justify a full-time member of staff to provide this, ADD HR Solutions is ready to offer dedicated support that’s designed to minimise the stress that these situations can cause.  
Our mission is to act on behalf of your organisation and facilitate its ongoing success. The best way to achieve this is by adopting a neutral perspective, as it allows the issue to be analysed and rectified as efficiently as possible. When you have ADD HR Solutions on board, you know that all HR issues will be resolved in a fair, responsible and pragmatic way, which benefits employer and employees alike. 

Avoiding disruption to your operations 

Disciplinary processes are a time-consuming and intricate matter that many employers find unpleasant and frustrating. It can also be very easy to slip up during their execution, which can lead to unnecessary delays and additional problems. That’s why we’re here to manage the disciplinary process on your behalf and help you to avoid unnecessary employment tribunals. 
We’ll organise and carry out the investigation, communications and meetings in a meticulous, fair and understanding way, which greatly reduces the amount of admin involved and ensures comprehensive resolution in a timely fashion. 

Get your business back on track 

The main role of Human Resource management is to support an organisation’s people across its entire employment structure. Sometimes a problem that may seem small or trivial to an employer can actually be extremely important to an employee, which as a result will negatively affect their morale, workflow and output. Rather than allowing an initially minor grievance to spiral out of control and hinder business continuity, ADD HR Solutions will treat it with the respect and attention to detail it deserves. Thanks to our degree of separation from your employees, we can act both impartially and fairly. This facilitates a course of action that’s fair, consistent and results-driven from start to finish, which greatly speeds up and simplifies the process of getting everyone back on track. 

We focus on your growth 

Every business will encounter difficult decisions, obstacles, bottlenecks and many other types of scenarios that stand in the way of its growth. Retained HR is designed to help you overcome these challenges quickly and effectively, all while remaining compliant and protecting the welfare of your workers. When you take on retained services from ADD HR Solutions, we actively encourage you to let us know what’s standing in your way of developing and expanding your business. With years of experience under our belt and up-to-the-minute knowledge of all areas of HR, we’re confident that we can guide you towards sustainable business growth. 

Ask us about retained HR 

Retained HR is perfect for organisations of all shapes and sizes that want to maximise performance and maintain compliance. For more information about how we can support your business, please get in touch on 01482 976235 or fill in our contact form to book a free HR audit. 
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